The term ‘Internet of Things’ was coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton. It was a new term, yet no implementation of it followed for a very long time due to the high costs of database storage. It is the Cloud nowadays that enables the new world of IoT.

Why should you want IOT implemented in your business?

You should want it because it can provide you with the best possible monitoring, control and ultimately performance of your entire operation.

IOT facilitates the seamless flow of data among the various network environments

your operation is active in, be it LAN, WAN or Virtual WAN. The ability to decipher the data from the noise and have control over this data, is key to this flow. 

AIO's IOT solution architecture


AIO Systems, an established leading provider of total solutions for unmanned sites, brings to the IoT revolution its proven track record in exceptional data accuracy, low-power applications and added-value data analytics taking it to the next level. Sensitive to the changing requirements of its traditional customers and drawing on its longtime experience AIO developed "AIoT".

AIO + IoT = AIoT

A small, low-power, wireless solution that supersedes all available market leading IoT RMS solutions. AIoT is compliant with all existing IoT standards, and can interpret information in diverse forms from numerous sources, while maintaining backwards compatibility allowing for smooth migration to IoT.

Intent on building an efficient IoT management system, AIO conserves data integrity over its entire holistic solution while deploying innovative data analytics methodologies to provide its customer with the added value, OPEX cutting analytics they require.

AIO's IOT solution architecture

A IoT Topology

Our topology is a holistic one, based on AIO’s own components for all IoT realms: Core, Edge and Cloud.

At the core, sits the Linux-based, IOT Connect gateway which gathers all the edge data through AIO peripherals, or via AIO, small size, wireless IoT mediators, the Sensor Connects. This data is then uploaded to the cloud-based CMS for comprehensive expert analytics.

AIO's IOT solution architecture


Wireless technology, is another important pillar of AIOT, especially in settings where implementing traditional network infrastructure is not feasible. In addition to increasing installation ease and reducing installation time, AIO's all wireless solution facilitates the integration of data from all sites elements.


To further extend the functionalities of its inventory management solution AIO has applied Video analytics technology for asset recognition, so that any change to any of the site's asset is automatically identified in real-time and a predefined alarm process is initiated. This measure increases AIO's real-time inventory management accuracy.