Integrating data from diverse sources ?

In a system of numerous remote devices, the smooth and secure operation of each device can directly affect the financial bottom line. Many device manufacturers are largely inexperienced in matters of security, and attacks from the hacking of security cameras to remotely attacking connected devices have already been widely publicized. Recently, Rob Joyce, the NSA’s lead hacker, said the IoT is an excellent way to attack a target because devices provide a way of entering a network that are often overlooked by sysadmins. 


Smart Security practices and encryption are only part of AIO's IOT management systems ( AIOT). Intent on building an efficient and secure IOT management system AIO deploys innovative data analytics that can interpret information in diverse forms from numerous sources. AIO's variety of distributed IOT security, energy and environment detectors backed by its cloud-based advanced CMS offer a state-of-the-art IOT system geared for the challenges of the future .


Wireless technology, is another important part of AIOT, especially in settings where implementing traditional network infrastructure is not feasible. In addition to increasing installation ease and reducing installation time, AIO's all wireless solution facilitates the integration of data from all sites elements. The base unit is offered either as a stand-alone unit that can support 32 slave units and can be located anywhere on site, or alternatively, embedded in AIO's EyeSite controllers. 


To further extend the functionalities of its inventory management solution AIO has applied Video analytics technology for asset recognition, so that any change to any of the site's asset is automatically identified in real-time and a predefined alarm process is initiated. This measure increases AIO's real-time inventory management accuracy.