The Need for Green Power Solutions

Remote sites are dependent on reliable power for smooth and efficient operation. The consequences of traditional power solutions which rely heavily on CO2 emitting diesel generators have proven to be costly, maintenance-intensive and detrimental to the environment.  In off-grid sites, the situation is even more challenging, with generators sometimes running almost round the clock. AIO set out to provide a green, non-polluting, cost efficient power solution.



  • All-In-One, Optimized Hybrid Solution
  • Increased Grid efficiency via AIO IPMS
  • Perfect alternative to stand-by generator :
    • No fuel needed
    • No CO pollution
    • No maintenance required
    • Plug & Play installation
  • Power source optimization
  • Increased savings due to reduction in fuel consumption and maintenance
  • Extended hardware and battery mean lifetime

Efficiency Hybrid Solution from AIO Systems

AIO’s unique efficiency hybrid solution was designed with the sole purpose of optimizing site power management on all its aspects: operation, maintenance and cost. AIO’s efficiency hybrid solution encompasses all the possible green energy elements needed for efficient power management.

AIO’s efficiency hybrid solution is an all-inclusive, plug-and-play power optimizing solution. Managed by AIO’s dedicated Hybrid CMS module, it offers best practice power management.