EyeSite Remote Site Controller

The EyeSite Controller is designed to enhance your network management strategy, reduce operational costs, and optimize the efficiency of your operations.  It is installed at the remote site and is implemented to control, monitor and activate equipment, third party elements and proprietary detectors located within site’s compound. Acting as an intelligent extension of AIO Systems’ Central Management System (CMS), the controller selects the optimal available power source, controls equipment to operate under most favorable environmental conditions at the lowest costs, activates smart security components that are backed by an extensive ticketing and alarm system and measures and records all site data.   


  • All Advanced features in a compact 1U Telco grade unit
  • Perfect for most typical remote sites applications
  • Fully scalable up to very large sites
  • Highly compatible and can interface with any third party element or equipment via various communication protocols.
  • Equipped with 4 serial ports, 1 Ethernet, and 28 electrically isolated I/O ports.
  • Supports up to seven expansion modules, including RF communication.

Advanced Telecom Solution from AIO Systems

AIO’s solutions are aimed to address the complexity of operations composed of multi-tenant infrastructures, assure unprecedented access to strategic information, and optimize the utilization of their resources all under flexible operational structures. This innovative perspective guarantees ROI, regardless of the company’s portfolio or stage of growth, and provides the companies with a lucrative edge in a highly competitive market, and sets AIO Systems apart from conventional RMS providers.