Access Control


♦ Fast and accurate remote and local access control

♦ Hub converges wiring locally, communicating wirelessly with site IoT gateway

♦ Unauthorized site entrance prevention

♦ Part of AIO's AIoT smart security solution 

♦ Remote open/close of doors controlled by cloud-based CMS

♦ Local Access list, guarantees access during site downs

♦ User access report 


AIO's Access control solution, the Access Connect, provides sizable OPEX reduction due to the convergence of all sites access peripherals locally, eliminating excess wiring complexities and costs. The Access Connect, which connects to the controller wirelessly or via Modbus, depending on site's configuration, manages gate locks open/close, push button, proximity and bio-metric RFID access, and supports multiple communication protocols such as RF 433, Zigbee, Wigand, Modbus, and RS-232.

The solution provides full real-time access control both locally and remotely at any given time, even in the event site is down, thanks to its unique architecture that stores all access lists locally. User access visibility is available in real-time as well as in periodical access reports. For large scale access needs, multiple Access Connects may be used in array, providing parallel support for multiple access devices.


 ♦ Gate open/close control locally and remotely;

♦ Biometric Access control using Finger/PIN/Card;


♦ Push button for emergency exit;

♦ RFID access control;


 ♦ Ideal stand-alone gate control solution



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