Surveillance Management


♦ Increases visibility of sites in real-time, on both a visual and a functional level right down to a single element

♦ Reduces risks of network downtime, and expenses incurred from theft or vandalism

♦ Dramatically improves Antenna removal/addition detection

♦ Automated intruder detection helps identify and apprehend intruders

♦ Effectively reduces necessity of guards

Site or asset security has become a major concern at many unmanned sites. The expenses incurred from theft and vandalism are considerable, from both aspects: equipment replacement and the potential temporary loss of network availability. Onsite security guards can be expensive, and many times do not eliminate the problem but compound it altogether.

AIO, the fore-front runner in Smart remote Security management solutions offers the full package: remote monitoring and control of sites with video surveillance backed with a remote, active security/alarm management platform. The solution offers 24/7 video surveillance including automated video analytics per pre-defined criteria. 


Advanced Telecom Solution from AIO Systems

AIO’s solutions are aimed to address the complexity of operations composed of multi-tenant infrastructures, assure unprecedented access to strategic information, and optimize the utilization of their resources all under flexible operational structures. This innovative perspective guarantees ROI, regardless of the company’s portfolio or stage of growth, and provides the companies with a lucrative edge in a highly competitive market, and sets AIO Systems apart from conventional RMS providers.