Central Management System (CMS)

AIO Systems' CMS is a cloud-based central management platform that covers all aspects of remote unmanned site management from optimizing energy management and adequately securing sites to maintaining equipment at its optimal operation settings.

AIO’s CMS – A Clearer Picture on Remote Unmanned Sites 

By employing advanced big data analytics the CMS provides users with value-added energy efficiencies that translate into clear OPEX savings. The system offers also complete network coverage that includes a comprehensive range of financial assessment tools, Active and passive asset management, unique access to the system via customer/supplier portals, assured site performance, accurate geographic information, map systems, automatic report generation and much more. The CMS’s GUI is intuitive, very easy to use, implement and deploy.  At a single glance users can assess the health status of their entire network.


♦ Superior Energy Efficiency Tools;

♦ SLA Enforcement Tools;

♦ Proactive and Preventative Maintenance;

♦ Graphical Site Floor Plan, Actively Managed in Real-Time;

♦ Automatic management of on-site inventory

♦ On-the-go, up-to-date mobile application for technicians

♦Comprehensive Real-Time P&L, Auto Reporting, and Financial Assessments for ROI;

♦ Intuitive and interactive alert and ticketing management

♦ Simple Deployment with Interactive Easy-To-Use GUI;

♦ Flexible Cloud Services Module;

Advanced IOT Solutions from AIO Systems

AIO's holistic IoT solution is accurate, reliable, and cost-effective. Composed of the best of AIO's technology and the advantages of IoT, AIoT supersedes all available market leading IoT solutions. Aimed to address complex as well as simple operations and assure unprecedented access to strategic information, this innovative perspective guarantees ROI, regardless of the company’s portfolio or stage of growth, and provides the companies with a lucrative edge in a highly competitive market, setting AIO Systems apart from conventional IoT providers.