Gen and Fuel Management


♦ Fuel consumption monitoring and theft prevention

♦ All gen and fuel elements are monitored and controlled for optimum performance

♦ Extended generator life-time 

♦ Preventive maintenance practices lead to reduced maintenance costs and OPEX

♦ Results in real-time for ROI calculations 


AIO's Fuel & Generator management solution offers significant OPEX reduction due to optimization of the site's energy management practices and fuel theft prevention. The solution provides real-time status of the generators at any given time. System data includes gen working hours, incorporates thresholds and enables users to switch generators ON/OFF remotely. Supporting any type of generator the solution provides parallel support for multiple generators.

All of the system’s maintenance procedures are standardized with a ticketing system, ensuring complete control over the generators maintenance, including maintenance cost information and technician identification during servicing.

 ♦ Fuel consumption, drop, quality and refueling management;

♦ Full support for wide variety of tank makeups;

♦ Electrical performance;


♦ Monitoring the running status of the Grid;

♦ Monitoring the running status of DG;

♦ Monitoring the Rectifier and the DC bus voltage and current;


♦ Remote system activation;





Advanced Telecom Solution from AIO Systems

AIO’s solutions are aimed to address the complexity of operations composed of multi-tenant infrastructures, assure unprecedented access to strategic information, and optimize the utilization of their resources all under flexible operational structures. This innovative perspective guarantees ROI, regardless of the company’s portfolio or stage of growth, and provides the companies with a lucrative edge in a highly competitive market, and sets AIO Systems apart from conventional RMS providers.