The Need 

Existing power & utilities infrastructure is insufficient to meet existing requirements, let alone the extensive demand expected in the future. To make matters even more challenging, supply problems are exacerbated by existing generation assets poor conditions due to ageing, disrepair or inefficient asset management.
The growing numbers of vandalism incidents and theft of oil, copper wiring and electric power from transformers located on electricity poles are one of the main factors leading to the poor condition of existing infrastructure. Most times, theft/vandalism events go unnoticed without any attempts made to deter the perpetrators, resulting in delayed proper response and postponement of the power distribution network reinstatement.


  • Efficient asset management for reduced maintenance costs
  • 4 layers of passive and active security, including cyber protection
  • 24/7 watch dog over all technicians / contractors 
  • Preventive maintenance: Planned Maintenance vs. Supplier’s Spec
  • Real-Time theft / vandalism prevention
  • Real time ROI and P&L calculator for site / Region / Network, Multi countries
  • Inventory management including item tracker
  • Bottom line profitability increase – guaranteed

Advanced Power and Utilities Solution from AIO Systems

AIO System offers an overall asset management and security solution to protect and maintain the proper operation of existing power and utilities infrastructure. Utility towers with specific sensitive elements (such as electric transformers) can be actively protected and tamper proofed, by monitoring the transformer’s oil tank surroundings and detecting oil level drops in real-time.
AIO's wide scope of asset and inventory monitoring and control tools include active and passive RFID tagging so that any move/withdrawal of an asset sets the alarm and intruder deterrence system into action.