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AIO Systems is a leading provider of next generation remote management solutions
We gurantee you'll meet your KPI while increasing profitability

AIO Systems develops, produces and markets advanced solutions for the management of remote network infrastructures. AIO’s management platform is incorporated with site hardware and telemetry systems enabling companies to control, secure, predict, track and remediate their remote site operations in a timely and pro-efficient manner. Our solutions are capable of monitoring all aspects of your infrastructure. From air-conditioners to humidity sensors, to state-of-the-art telecom installations, AIO Systems manages precisely what you need, while providing timely alerts via a variety of communication channels. By integrating numerous site measurements and cross correlating it with pertinent parameters and pre-defined criteria we can provide invaluable and comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) analytics, to offer decision-makers a pragmatic over-all perspective of their infrastructure.


Unified, optimized, end-to-end solutions for remote sites
Telecom Tower

AIO directly addresses key profitability factors in the tower management market: optimized energy consumption, total site security, efficient deployment, tech support and maintenance.

Hybrid Energy

AIO’s efficiency hybrid solution is an all-inclusive, green, non-polluting, cost efficient, power solution optimizing site power management on all its aspects: operation, maintenance and cost.

Water Treatment

AIO joined forces with GES to offer CapsuleAIO – reliable, containerized water treatment units, focusing on plug and play deployment, operational efficiency and total security


AIO’s overall asset management and security solutions protect and maintain the proper operation of existing power utilities infrastructure, minimizing vandalism/theft incurred expenses.

AIO Experts Team

With over 100 years of experience in Telecommunications and RMS Systems
CEO and founder
CEO since 2006. Asher has over 18 years of international experience in control and management turnkey projects. Asher holds a degree in business management and software engineering
EVP Sales and Marketing
AVI brings with him over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He has a deep understanding of carrier and enterprise customers, channel partners, distribution partners and large direct customers, in Africa, Europe and APAC.
Yehoshua Blayer
Yehoshua Blayer
Deputy CEO, CFO
Yehoshua heads AIO’s financial department. He brings with him over 30 years of experience in financial accounting, auditing & taxation, over 20 of them in Energy and infrastructure companies. Yehoshua holds a BA degree in Economics and Accounting and masters in LLM.
VP Professional services
VP Professional Services with over 25 years of experience in telecommunication companies, expert in RF, TDM, 3G, ETH and professional services management. Leads all technical outbound/inbound activities.
Shahar Levy
Shahar Levy
VP Product
VP Product with over 15 years of experience in telecommunication companies, Expert in Product Management, Inventory Management, Trouble Ticket Management, Mediation, RF, 3G, ETH, MOM, OSS, NMS, GIS, DOCSIS and manager of the engineering team

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