Even under normal operating conditions, assets can get increasingly stressed from over-use, inefficient maintenance, and aging.  So, in remote areas with harsh environmental conditions, the picture is even grimmer.  It has become clear in the last few years, that what has been done in the past will not be sufficient to address the growing and increasingly complex challenges stemming from the requirement to drive OPEX down. Practical, advanced techniques for better asset management have been developed and refined.  Passive and active RFID based inventory management offer many clear improvements in terms of monitoring and control of assets. 


On the physical level, AIO Systems employs a variety of asset management tools to facilitate asset tracking. QR codes, for instance, are generated per equipment type, right from the CMS. Other tags, such as active RFID, are mapped by a designated RFID reader on site. These tags are used by technicians to track assets and collect accurate data, using the Remote EyeSite application. CMS' smart management of codes utilizes all the data from the field to put together a complete inventory of assets per tenant on site. This enables better visibility and control over inventory. 


To further extend the functionalities of its inventory management solution AIO has applied Video analytics technology for asset recognition, so that any change to any of the site's asset is automatically identified in real-time and a predefined alarm process is initiated. This measure increases AIO's real-time inventory management accuracy.


To reduce maintenance costs due to tampering of wiring and improve installation ease and timing, AIO offers an all wireless solution. The base unit is offered either as a stand-alone unit that can support 32 slave units and can be located anywhere on site, or alternatively, embedded in AIO's EyeSite controllers.