Spending too much on your energy bill ?

AIO's Energy Efficiency solution is a modular, adaptable bundle of efficiency tools dedicated to optimizing any site, region or network's energy efficiencies.  The parameters taken into consideration are actual and real time parameters such as: cost of diesel, environmental parameters, grid availability, tariff structure and stability, real-time battery monitoring and available charge, availability of alternative energy, and more.

Power Consumers

AIO's EyeSite controller collects measurements from all power elements on site in real time, taking into consideration consumption, efficiency and costs. An internal logic mechanism then turns the various power consumers on and off  in an optimal manner, weighting in cost / benefit and lifespan. Turning off low efficiency AC consumers, according to real time optimization algorithms, reduces A/C power consumption by up to 20%  translating into less working hours, less wear and tear and less maintenance. While with DC consumers, switching off non-efficient consumers can save only up to 5% of consumption.

Using CMS one can define and improve upon energy savings targets, constantly comparing between the nominal consumption and the actual measured consumption, as can be seen in the AC consumption and fuel consumption charts below:

Power Sources

Switching between power sources is yet another tool for cost reduction on fuel, maintenance and power. Given that batteries are the most cost-efficient power resource, the system monitors battery charge and capacity in real time, switching to battery whenever available. This practice reduces generator working hours, fuel consumption and generator maintenance and breakage. Furthermore, the system switches among the available power sources based on algorithms that take into account power tariffs and select the optimal source of energy at any given time, accordingly.

The site power source chart on the right visually presents which power source was active at what time of day and its duration, making the power split among resources obvious. The option to define a specific time frame is provided with the option to drill down to a specific day and view data on an hourly basis;